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B.A., Political Science

Activities & Affiliations

• Illinois Bar Association, Member
• Top 100 Lawyers, Feature
• Top 40 Under 40, Feature
• IMAN, Community Impact Award


Mohammad Ramadan

Over the years, attorney Mohammad Ramadan has gained immeasurable experience in a vast majority of Illinois Courthouses. His prowess and aptitude as a high performing attorney have consistently garnered him high success rates in a variety of cases. Most recently, Ramadan was named one of the Top 40 Under 40 Attorneys in Illinois by the National Trial Attorneys Association.

Born in Jerusalem and raised on the south side of Chicago, Mr. Ramadan had to earn his way through life. After graduating from high school, he attended community college with no inkling of the type of career he wanted to pursue. With his desire to be of service to the less fortunate and his love of working with others, he knew a legal career would be the best route. He worked his way through community college and was accepted by DePaul University to complete his undergraduate studies. Working two jobs and going to school full time taught him the meaning of hard work, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of achieving a goal. Feverishly working to attain an education while helping his family stay afloat, it took Mr. Ramadan 6 years to attain his bachelor’s degree in political science. He went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree from the Michigan State College of Law.

At the time of his graduation, there was an economic a downturn and a lack of legal jobs. Mr. Ramadan believes that when there are no opportunities, you make one. He decided to open his own law practice right out of law school. Many said his ambition was too high, but he knew he could not afford to wait for someone to hand him a job; he wanted to create his own destiny. One month after being sworn in as a lawyer, Ramadan & Associates was created.

Working persistently to become the best attorney he can be, Mr. Ramadan’s reputation quickly grew. From handling traffic tickets to landing his first murder case, he remained humble and continued to work hard for his clients. Others began to take notice when he was awarded Top 40 Under 40, and very soon a shared office space was not enough to handle his case load. To Mr. Ramadan, however, the awards he earns are just plaques on a wall; it's his client’s satisfaction, positive reviews, and thoughtful referrals that are the most rewarding.

To make sure the quality of work was not affected by the influx of clients, Ramadan & Associates had to expand and bring on help. Customer service was and still is Mr. Ramadan's top priority. Our firm works for you, the client, not the other way around. Mr. Ramadan is committed to producing quality legal work at blue collar prices. Our belief is that great legal representation should not cost a fortune.

Mr. Ramadan wanted to create a firm that stands opposite from the negative misconceptions that follow lawyers and the legal world. Customer service is the top priority at Ramadan & Associates. Our boutique style law firm has an undivided focus on our client’s issues and strives to give every case the attention it deserves. We are entrusted with your most pressing legal issues and we take that responsibility very seriously. We believe strong legal representation is a right, not a perk. Welcome to Ramadan & Associates.