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Areas of Practice : Business Law

Our office handles all business-related issues. We can help take your great business idea and turn it into a legitimate and legal business entity. We handle everything from startup issues, contracts, negotiations, business consulting, and all IP (Intellectual Property) issues. Additionally, we have a special focus on attaining business licenses. Dealing with the city of Chicago can be a tough task. We have the experience and relationships with City hall to accomplish your goal. Let us help you protect the brand you spent so much time and effort creating and building.

Our practice areas Within business Law include :: 



City hall is a tough place to maneuver around with trying to obtain a business license in Chicago. We can help guide you through the process and make sure you are in full compliance.

  1. Licensing :: Ramadan & Associates handles all licensing cases, including but not limited to -- 
    Tobacco License | General Business | Food | Hookah | Retail

  2. Admin Holds :: An administrative hold on a location can block you from getting a new business license or renew your current business license in Chicago. Our experience allows us to navigate through the red tape of City Hall and produce successful results

  3. Revocation :: The city can attempt to revoke your business license (or any individual license), but must give you due process of law and allow you a hearing to contest the revocation. We will represent you from the beginning to the end and advise you on the best courses of action to take

  4. Administrative Hearings :: If your business receives any administrative tickets our office can handle them without your appearance at court


We handle business law cases including those on the federal level.

  1. USDA :: Accepting SNAP benefits in your business can drive an increase in revenue. If you lose this it can significantly drive your revenue down and have dire effects on your business. We have experience is handling SNAP benefits suspension or revocation


Our firm is well verse and prepared to help our clients with entity formation.

  1. Entity :: Looking to form a corp? LLC? Partnership? Let us help you make the decision on which entity is the best fit for your situation

  2. Minutes :: Documenting the start and continuing affairs of your business is crucial to corp formalities. We can draft these documents to make it stress free for you and your business

  3. Formation Docs :: We handle formation docs including--
    Shareholder | Operating Agreements | Bylaws

    Shareholder -- A shareholder agreement is beneficial to have among shareholders. We can draft this to fit the needs of your business.

    Operating Agreements -- This is the working manual for your LLC. This governs the affairs of your company and should be thought through very thoroughly.

    Bylaws -- The bylaws are the rules and regulations of your Corp. It controls issues such as voting rights, distribution of dividends, and the day to day operations of your Corporation.


Our firm is fully capable of handling a wide range of contract jobs including -- Buy/Sell Agreements | Draft/Review | Lease | Negotiation/Consulting

  1. Buy / Sell Agreements :: We can help guide you throughout the buying or selling of a business. We will draft or review any and all proper documents the closing.

  2. Draft / Review :: We can draft or review almost any type of contracts. Whether it is an employment agreement, bill of sale, or any other contracts, we can draft it in short amount of time.

  3. Lease :: We draft and review commercial leases.

  4. Negotiation / Consulting :: We do not just do legal work. We use our experience and network to find the best deals for our clients. We use our knowledge to negotiate a favorable deal for clients. We are a full service business law firm that helps within and outside of the legal framework.

IP (Intellectual Property)

If you have a great idea you should get it protected. Let us  help make sure your idea is protected and put you in a position to maximize the use of your IP.

  1. Patent

  2. Trademark

  3. Copyright

  4. Enforcement :: Once you apply and are granted any Intellectual Property, the burden is on your to protect your IP. We can help enforce any type of infringement on any of your IP.

  5. Infringement

  6. Licensing & Royalty :: If someone wants to use any of your IP they must pay for it. We can help setup your IP is different ways for you to maximize your IP work. Having IP is great, but it means nothing if you do not capitalize off of it.


Our Mission

The legal team at Attorneys of Chicago provides a full array of business legal services, including but not limited to startup issues, contracts, negotiations, business consulting, intellectual property issues, and a distinct focus on obtaining business licenses. Have a great business idea? We’ll help you turn it into a legitimate and legal business entity. We understand what it takes to successfully operate a business and know that our practical and well-rounded business experience gives us an edge. Our strategic and tactical approach is driven by your individual business needs.