What Should I Do if I Get Injured at the Chicago Riverwalk?

The Chicago Riverwalk is a public space along the Chicago River. It extends from Lake Michigan and the Outer Drive Bridge to Lake Street. It is an excellent space for the public to enjoy bars, restaurants, small parks, cafes, kayak and boat rentals, and other amenities and attractions.

If you are injured at Chicago Riverwalk in Illinois, you may have a personal injury claim against one or more parties. However, it is important to take steps to protect your rights. Here are three things to do if you get injured at Chicago Riverwalk:

Request Medical Assistance

You may need to call 911 to report the accident. Do not hesitate to ask for emergency medical services. Your health is the top priority.

Prompt medical treatment also supports your personal injury claim. Medical documentation will be needed if you pursue an injury claim.

Collect Evidence

Take photographs and make a video of the area, especially if a hazard or dangerous condition caused your injury. Focus on what caused your injury. Ask eyewitnesses to give you their names and contact information. Keep your medical records and all other documents related to the injury.

Contact a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Consider a free consultation with a Chicago personal injury attorney. Claims for injuries at the Chicago Riverwalk can be complex. It can be difficult to identify the parties responsible for your claim. If the City of Chicago is involved, there are special rules for suing a government entity.

How a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After an Injury at Chicago Riverwalk

Reasons to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer include:

Accident Investigation

The attorney investigates your accident to gather evidence and identify who is liable for your claim, including working with expert witnesses as necessary. Because there are private vendors along the Chicago Riverwalk, the liable party depends on the circumstances of your accident.

Potentially liable parties include the City of Chicago for a slip and fall accident or other premises liability claim. A private vendor could be liable for negligence claims or premises liability claims. A manufacturer could be liable if a defective product caused your injury.

You may need to file a notice of claim with the City of Chicago to protect your rights. If a vendor is responsible for your injuries at Chicago Riverwalk, you might need to file an insurance claim. All of these claims have deadlines that you must meet and specific procedures to follow. An attorney can handle all these aspects of your case.

Negotiate a Settlement

An attorney evaluates your damages to determine how much your case is worth. They negotiate with the responsible parties for a fair settlement. Insurance companies and at-fault parties may undervalue your claim. Without an attorney, you might not realize your claim is worth more than the settlement offer.

Defend You Against Allegations That Could Hurt Your Claim

An at-fault party might try to avoid paying a claim. They may allege that you caused your injuries, failed to mitigate damages, or assumed the risk of injury. An attorney defends you against contributory fault and other defenses that could lower the amount you receive.

Represent You in Court

If the parties responsible for your injuries deny liability or refuse to agree to a fair settlement, your attorney represents you in court. They file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires to protect your right to pursue a legal claim.

What Compensation Is Available for an Injury Sustained at Chicago Riverwalk?

Illinois tort laws provide for compensatory damages for injury cases. You can seek compensation for your economic damages and non-economic damages. Examples of damages in a personal injury case include:

The value of your damages depends on several factors. If you are unsure how much your claim is worth, don’t accept a settlement offer without consulting a lawyer.

Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers offer a free consultation. You can get information and learn about your legal options from an experienced attorney at no cost. 

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