Tips For Walking Around Safely in Chicago

One of the most iconic and breathtaking cities in the world – Chicago – sits between the two coasts of the United States. Locals and visitors alike delight in the miles and miles of urban and natural landscapes, deep-dish pizza, and music. 

But like any big city, there are dangers in Chicago. Fortunately, millions each year have a wonderful experience trekking around in the Windy City, and you can too. Follow the tips below to stay safe. 

Understand the Dangers

Arguably, the most effective tip to safely walk around Chicago is to understand the types of danger you might face. 

In Chicago, you are most likely to get injured walking:

  • By a car accident
  • By a construction site
  • By a violent encounter 

Chicago is a wildly busy city with bustling neighborhoods and many cars and buses. Pedestrians can easily fall victim to negligent motorists, such as speedsters and drunk drivers. Visiting pedestrians may also find themselves confused as they navigate new streets and sidewalks.

Regarding construction accidents, Chicago is a city that is always growing or remaking aspects of itself. Construction crews throughout the city seemingly form part and parcel of the permanent landscape of this urban Mecca. If negligent, these crews can cause significant damage to passers-by.

Unfortunately, intentional acts of violence are another source of danger in Chicago. However, those who love to stroll the beautiful and historic areas of Chicago largely avoid intentional acts of violence and more often contend with threats from traffic

Safety Tips For Walking Around Chicago

Pedestrians in Chicago can significantly decrease the risk of suffering an accident by remaining alert at all times, especially when crossing streets. Try not to allow yourself to be distracted too much by the beautiful sights. Otherwise, you risk forgetting about the thousands of vehicles in all of the excitement. 

Instead, when you walk through the city, you should:

  • Be predictable in traffic so motorists will know your next move
  • Use sidewalks or remain as far out of the street as possible
  • Walk against traffic if walking in the street
  • Use proper street crossings 
  • Obey traffic rules
  • Don’t assume a driver can see you or has seen you

When walking your route, be careful around the many construction sites throughout the city. Although these worksites have numerous safety measures in place to protect the public, negligence happens. A good practice when approaching a building or lot under construction is to cross the street if possible. 

Another tip for pedestrians to remain safe in Chicago is to speak with the locals. 

For tourists, talking to hotel workers can lead to great safety tips and information relating to:

  • Problematic traffic areas
  • Dangerous areas
  • Areas under heavy construction

Pedestrians, especially visitors, should also be prepared for accident situations by always carrying identification and insurance information. Often, the most effective counter to an injury suffered while strolling is immediate medical attention. 

Furthermore, medical attention establishes a record of the injury, which is important for any subsequent compensation claims against the at-fault party and their insurance company.  

Your Safety Matters

The Windy City is a jewel of a town with much to offer. However, it has its share of danger. Locals and visitors alike will do well to remain alert when having a stroll, no matter where they are. If you suffer an injury while out walking in Chicago, you can seek compensation to cover the losses you have suffered.

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