Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Chicago, IL

Anyone who regularly drives in the greater Chicago area has undoubtedly noticed red light cameras at busy intersections. Chicago introduced its first two red light traffic cameras back in 2003, which has since grown to encompass 149 red light cameras installed throughout the city at its busiest intersectioans. 

These are usually marked with signs reading “Red Light Photo Enforced,” warning drivers that they’ll be captured on video and ticketed if they run a red light. That said, every Chicago driver should know the laws surrounding red light camera tickets.

The threat of getting a traffic camera ticket might feel like nothing more than an annoyance. However, the laws surrounding them have their benefits, as data shows that Chicago has seen a significant reduction in car accidents at the intersections where these cameras are in use. 

Another notable advantage that the cameras provide is that if you end up hurt in a crash, a Chicago car accident lawyer may be able to use the red light camera footage to help you recover compensation from the driver who caused your injuries.

Traffic and Red Light Camera Laws Every Chicago Driver Should Know

The most pressing question most drivers have after receiving a ticket in the mail is whether they’re legally obligated to pay it. The answer to that question involves both good news and bad news. 

The bad news is that all Chicago drivers are legally obligated to pay their red-light camera tickets. Tickets are issued to the vehicle’s owner, which means you also have to pay the $100 fine even if your partner, child, or friend was driving your car when the ticket was issued. 

The good news, however, is that a camera ticket won’t hurt your driving record in the way it would if you had been pulled over and ticketed in person by a police officer. Chicago’s laws categorize camera tickets as administrative violations, not moving violations. 

Unlike a moving violation, which can impact insurance rates and the status of your driver’s license, a non-moving violation holds about the same level of seriousness as a parking ticket. 

Red Light Cameras and Chicago’s Crash Rate

Chicago’s Red Light Camera Enforcement Program has grown considerably in the 20 years since its launch. Data makes a compelling case for how its red light cameras are helping reduce the risk of serious and fatal accidents across the city.

Chicago conducted a crash statistics study of the intersections with cameras, comparing crash rates from 2005 to 2021. 

Some of the most significant findings from the 16-year period include the following: 

Across all of Chicago’s intersections outfitted with red light cameras, the city saw the overall intersection crash rate decrease to 57%.

The Benefits of Chicago Red Light and Traffic Cameras 

The data collected shows how Chicago’s red light cameras are making a significant difference in the number of people who experience vehicle damage, injury, and death on the city’s streets each year. 

When you receive a $100 red light fine in the mail, it can be hard to maintain the perspective that red light cameras are helping keep people safe. However, they can offer you an additional form of protection if you’re ever involved in an intersection accident

When a careless driver causes a crash in Chicago, you must prove they were at fault for the accident before you can recover compensation through their insurance policy. Chicago’s abundance of red light cameras makes it easier than ever to access the evidence you need to recover personal injury compensation. 

A Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Understand Your Rights

If you’ve been ticketed or involved in an intersection crash in Chicago, it’s important to understand your rights and obligations. You should always pay your tickets promptly. 

If you were injured in a collision, reach out to a Chicago car accident attorney to learn more about recovering personal injury compensation. 

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