Poor Truck Maintenance Accident Attorney in Chicago

Like any vehicle, trucks require regular maintenance to prevent them from becoming hazards on the road. If a poorly maintained vehicle caused your injury, our truck accident attorneys in Chicago can investigate whether the truck’s owner or operator neglected their duty to keep the truck in proper condition.

Even well-maintained trucks can pose risks, but the danger escalates significantly when maintenance is overlooked. You should not have to manage the financial fallout from an accident caused by a poorly-maintained truck.

At Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, we have 30 years of combined legal experience and have successfully secured tens of millions in compensation for accident victims. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Chicago, Illinois, you don’t have to navigate the claims process alone. Contact us at (312) 929-2884 for a complimentary, obligation-free consultation to explore your legal options.

How Can Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Help After a Chicago Poor Truck Maintenance Accident?

How Can Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Help After a Chicago Poor Truck Maintenance Accident?

Selecting an attorney in Chicago, IL, with deep knowledge of truck accidents is crucial for securing the compensation required to restore your life. It’s essential to choose a lawyer skilled in navigating cases involving poorly-maintained trucks.

At Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, we equip you with the advantage needed for optimal financial restitution. Our Chicago truck accident attorneys include professionals who have significant experience and knowledge of how insurers might downplay your injuries and losses.

Engaging our services means we will:

  • Conduct a detailed investigation to compile evidence
  • Scrutinize the truck’s upkeep records
  • Collaborate with top accident reconstruction experts if needed
  • Determine the comprehensive value of your damages
  • Manage settlement discussions with the trucking company and its insurer
  • Pursue legal action to defend your interests

If a poorly maintained truck has caused you injury, let our seasoned attorneys level the playing field on your behalf. Contact us for a complimentary consultation so that we can begin working on your case immediately.

What Are Examples of Poor Truck Maintenance That Can Lead to Injury?

Even well-maintained trucks—capable of weighing up to 80,000 pounds—pose a significant risk on the roads. However, the danger escalates when a truck’s maintenance is neglected despite Federal regulations for systematic inspections.

Poor maintenance can lead to critical failures, including:

  • Air brake system malfunctions, hindering the truck’s ability to stop
  • Defective suspension systems, causing loss of control
  • Tire tread wear, increasing the risk of blowouts
  • Steering system failures
  • Ineffective windshield wipers, reducing visibility

Trucks are intricate vehicles that require diligent upkeep to ensure the safety of all road users. When truck drivers or owners disregard this responsibility, the repercussions can be devastating.

At Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, we have the knowledge necessary to determine if inadequate maintenance contributed to your accident. Once that has been established, we will engage with insurers to secure the compensation you deserve or proceed to trial if necessary.

If I’ve Been Injured by a Poorly Maintained Truck in Chicago, What Kinds of Damages Can I Recover? 

Understanding the compensation you’re entitled to is crucial following an accident. Illinois law recognizes the right to both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages represent the tangible financial impact of the accident, covering:

Non-economic damages, however, address the intangible aspects of your suffering. These include:

These damages acknowledge the profound personal impact of the accident beyond financial strains.

Having a lawyer adept at securing compensation for all types of injuries is vital. Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers are committed to ensuring you’re fully compensated, not just for visible injuries but also for the deeper, less visible wounds.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident in Chicago, IL, because a truck wasn’t maintained properly, your focus should remain on recovery – not on the worry of increasing medical expenses. At Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, we’re dedicated to alleviating that worry by securing the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Our team has a strong history of advocating for our clients, ensuring you’re well taken care of. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation with one of our Chicago truck accident attorneys at (312) 929-2884. We’re here to assist you around the clock, every day of the week.