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If you’ve been injured in an accident with a truck carrying an oversize load in Chicago, IL, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. At Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, we are committed to securing the financial support necessary for your recovery.

Leveraging our 30 years of combined experience and track record of securing tens of millions for accident victims, our Chicago oversize load truck accident lawyers know how to achieve a favorable resolution for your case. We’re dedicated to providing you with the same level of commitment.

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How Attorneys of Chicago Can Help After an Oversize Load Truck Accident

How Attorneys of Chicago Can Help After an Oversize Load Truck Accident

Accidents with large trucks carrying oversize loads often lead to serious outcomes. If your injuries were caused by someone’s negligence, our Chicago truck accident attorneys are here to do everything we can to ensure they are held responsible for their actions.

Dealing with insurance companies that are reluctant to fulfill your claim can be challenging, but having a seasoned legal team by your side is invaluable. We’re dedicated to preventing insurance companies from exploiting you.

Your focus should be on recovery and well-being, not on navigating legal hurdles. Allow us to manage that for you.

When you select Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers for your truck accident lawsuit, here’s what you can expect us to do:

  • Undertake a thorough investigation of the accident
  • Analyze evidence, including details of vehicle damage, medical documentation, accident reports, and statements from witnesses
  • Work with trucking industry experts and other professionals as needed
  • Develop a legal approach and evaluate your claim’s value
  • Manage all communications and negotiations on your behalf
  • Provide legal representation in court when necessary

Our services are provided on a contingency fee basis, meaning our compensation is contingent upon winning a financial settlement or jury verdict for you. Reach out to us today in Chicago, Illinois, to get started.

What Is an Oversize Load?

State and federal regulations specify limits on the cargo weight that trucks can carry, as the load size significantly influences the truck’s center of gravity, agility, and braking efficiency.

In Illinois, a cargo load is deemed to be oversize if it meets or exceeds these dimensions:

  • Height of 13’6″
  • Width of 8’6″
  • Trailer length of 65″
  • Front overhang of 4′
  • Rear overhang of 10′

Tractor-trailer drivers are expected to maintain vigilance on the road and adhere to all regulations concerning the use of banners, flags, flashing lights, and even escort vehicles. In instances of negligence by trucking companies or their drivers, they can be accountable for any injuries caused by an accident.

What Injuries Are Caused by Chicago Oversize Load Truck Accidents?

When involved in an accident, trucks carrying oversize loads can cause severe injuries, significant property damage, and even fatalities.

Typical injuries from such truck accidents include:

Certain injuries might necessitate ongoing medical attention, leading to substantial healthcare expenses on top of the physical and psychological distress experienced.

Our team of truck accident attorneys in Chicago is committed to exploring every possible option to secure the compensation required for your recovery and rehabilitation.

Causes of Oversize Load Truck Accidents in Chicago, IL

Semi-trucks carrying oversize loads often struggle with maneuverability due to the impact of the weight on the truck’s balance.

Loss of control in these oversize trucks can stem from various issues, including:

  • Brake failures
  • Excessive speed
  • Tire wear and blowouts
  • Distractions while driving
  • Lack of driver experience
  • Insufficient training
  • Miscalculations of load dimensions

Such control issues may lead to rollovers, jackknife accidents, and other types of accidents.

Identifying the accident’s cause is crucial in pinpointing responsible parties and establishing liability.

Our strategy at Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers includes conducting comprehensive investigations and consulting with specialists to accurately determine the circumstances leading to the accident.

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Experiencing an accident with an oversize load truck can leave lasting trauma. It’s crucial for you to allocate time for healing and moving forward. However, navigating legal and financial concerns can significantly hinder this process.

Our team at Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers is here to lighten this load for you. We’re committed to ensuring you receive just compensation for the hardships you’ve faced.

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