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Why Should I Trust Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers to Protect Me After Suffering a Spinal Cord Injury in Chicago?

Why Should I Trust Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers to Protect Me After Suffering a Spinal Cord Injury in Chicago?

A spinal cord injury can change your life forever. Even if you recover, you may be required to make fundamental lifestyle changes. You could end up needing help with even the most basic tasks.

Often, seeking compensation from the responsible parties is the only way to protect yourself. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys are here to protect you when you need help the most.

At Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, our lawyers have been listed as Super Lawyers and the “Top 40 Under 40” by the National Trial Lawyers.

We’ll use our skills to your advantage by:

  • Investigating to determine who is responsible for your damages
  • Gathering evidence to support your case
  • Hiring experts who can testify about causation and your case value
  • Identifying all of your past and anticipated future losses
  • Identifying all sources of insurance coverage
  • Protecting you when the insurance company blames you for the injury
  • Negotiating for a fair deal on your behalf

The compensation you recover for your injuries can make a world of difference in your future. Contact our Chicago personal injury lawyers today to learn more about legal representation.

Overview of Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is vital to the body’s mobility. When the spinal cord is severely injured, the connection between the brain and the rest of the body is severed. The most severe types of spinal cord injury can result in permanent paralysis.

The spinal cord itself is a column of nerves that runs from the base of the skull to the tailbone. Those nerves are surrounded by three thin layers of membrane. Those membranes, in turn, are surrounded by the vertebrae (or back bones).

The bundles of nerves and vertebrae are divided into four regions, including:

  • The cervical spine (C1-C7) (located in the upper neck)
  • The thoracic spine (T1-T12) (located in the upper back)
  • The lumbar spine (L1-L5) (located in the lower back)
  • The sacral spine (S1-S5) (located at the base of the spine)

The nerves in the spinal cord carry messages, or signals, between the brain and the rest of the body. So, when the spinal cord is damaged, the actual symptoms typically show up in different areas of the body.

Our Lawyers in Chicago Handle All Types of Spinal Cord Injury Cases

As a general matter, there are two primary types of spinal cord injury: complete spinal cord injuries and incomplete spinal cord injuries.

In complete spinal cord injury cases, the nerve is completely severed so that the victim loses all sensation and function below the injury site. When the injury is incomplete, the cord is damaged, but the victim may maintain some bodily function and mobility below the injury site.

At Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, we handle all types of spinal cord injury cases, including those involving:

  • Quadriplegia, where the victim loses all function from the neck down
  • Paraplegia, or paralysis from the waist down
  • Triplegia, which is paralysis of three limbs
  • Hemiplegia, where one side of the body is paralyzed
  • Monoplegia, which is the paralysis of a single limb
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome, where the nerves in the sacral spine are damaged
  • Anterior cord syndrome injuries (injuries to the front of the spine)
  • Posterior cord syndrome (injuries to the back of the spine)
  • Herniated discs
  • Compression fractures

About 17,500 new spinal cord injuries are reported across the United States each year. If you were a victim, you deserve to fully understand your legal rights. Contact us today to learn more about how our lawyers can help you fight for fair compensation.

What Are the Physical Signs and Symptoms of a Spinal Cord Injury?

Because the spinal cord and brain control the rest of the body’s function, the symptoms of a spinal cord injury can vary widely.

You should seek medical attention immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms after experiencing trauma:

  • Loss of mobility
  • Tingling or loss of sensation in the extremities
  • Lumps along the spinal cord
  • Spasms
  • Extreme pain in the back
  • Trouble breathing
  • Loss of control or changes in bladder or bowel function
  • Changes in sexual function

A spinal cord injury can worsen over time–so don’t wait to see a doctor if you were involved in an accident.

What Are the Long-Term Consequences of Serious Spinal Cord Injuries?

The long-term consequences of a spinal cord injury can depend on multiple factors, including:

  • The type of spinal cord injury involved
  • The location of the injury
  • The severity of the injury

As a general matter, injuries to higher regions of the spinal cord have more severe long-term consequences. 

Depending on the injury itself, the victim may suffer:

  • Complete loss of mobility
  • Dependency on wheelchairs and other medical devices
  • Chronic pain
  • Respiratory problems
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Loss of bladder and bowel function
  • Loss of sexual function 
  • Difficulty eating, drinking, or performing basic activities of daily living
  • Wrongful death

Serious spinal cord injuries can change the victim’s life forever. These types of life-altering and catastrophic injuries can have a devastating impact on the victim’s emotional health. Severe depression, anxiety, and fear are all mental health issues that our lawyers will consider when fighting for the fair compensation you deserve.

What Causes Most Spinal Cord Injuries in Chicago?

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, the leading causes of spinal cord injuries are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Fall accidents
  • Acts of violence
  • Sports and recreation accidents

At Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers, our team often handles spinal injury cases involving:

If someone else was responsible for your injury, our Chicago spinal cord injury attorneys are here to help you hold them accountable. Call our law firm today to schedule a free case review and learn more about your legal rights.

What is My Chicago Spinal Cord Injury Case Worth?

The value of any personal injury case depends heavily on the severity of the injuries involved. Victims of serious spinal cord injuries often require a lifetime of care. It’s critical to recover enough compensation to cover both your current and projected future costs.

While no two cases are exactly the same, the value of your case will be impacted by:

  • The nature and permanence of the injury
  • The types of medical care and rehabilitation you require
  • The lifestyle changes made necessary due to the injury
  • How the injury impacts your ability to work and earnings
  • The circumstances of the accident
  • The types of pain and suffering you have experienced
  • Your age and life expectancy at the time of the injury

Some spinal cord injury victims never return to the quality of life they enjoyed prior to the accident. If someone else caused your suffering, they should be held accountable.

Our lawyers are here to make sure your case is valued properly–so you don’t have to rely on the insurance company’s estimates. 

What Compensation Can I Recover if I Suffered Spinal Cord Damage in Chicago, Illinois?

Damages are classified as economic or non-economic under Illinois personal injury laws.

Examples of the types of losses that spinal cord injury victims often experience include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Medical devices
  • Long-term care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression 
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Loss of fertility
  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Loss of consortium

The types of damages that you can recover will depend on the unique circumstances of your case. Often, our lawyers will work with experts who can help establish your damages in these cases.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit if My Spinal Cord Was Injured in Illinois?

The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois is two years. While there are exceptions, those exceptions are rare. We always recommend speaking with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after an injury.

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