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Have you been injured at an amusement park in Chicago, Illinois? Amusement parks have a duty to keep their properties safe for guests. If they violated this duty, and you suffered an injury, you could be entitled to substantial compensation. Contact the experienced Chicago amusement park accident lawyers at Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers at (312) 929-2884.

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How Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Amusement Park Accident in Illinois

Amusement parks are risky business. Therefore, these corporations often employ teams of attorneys to defend them against negligence lawsuits. Moreover, they are often represented by large, aggressive insurance companies that make a business out of devaluing injury claims. 

You deserve an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer to help you hold the amusement park accountable. Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers has the skills, pedigree, and resources you want on your side. Our attorneys have recovered tens of millions of dollars for accident victims in Illinois. We know how to make big companies take responsibility for the harm they cause. 

When you hire us, you can count on us to: 

  • Investigate the cause of your amusement park injury
  • Review maintenance records for rides and attractions
  • Examine video footage of the premises and gather other valuable evidence
  • Calculate the value of your claim
  • Work with leading experts to help establish your case 
  • Handle all communications and negotiations with the other side
  • Take your case to court in pursuit of fair compensation

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Overview of Amusement Park Accidents 

More than 385 million people visit amusement parks in the U.S. each year. Most amusement parks dedicate enormous funds and resources to guest safety. However, guests still get hurt — sometimes fatally. 

Estimates from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions indicate that around 1,281 suffered ride-related injuries at North American amusement parks in 2021. Around 11% (around 130) of those injuries were “serious.” Family and adult rides were responsible for over half the injuries. Roller coasters caused around a third of the injuries.

The data above does not include accidents involving slips, trips, and falls on the general premises of amusement parks, which would likely result in a substantial increase in the numbers.

What Theme Parks Are in Chicago?

When you think of Chicago, you might not think of theme parks. Although the region is no Orlando, it does have a surprising number of amusement parks.

The following theme parks operate in or around Chicago:

  • Six Flags Great America
  • SafariLand
  • Fun Times Square
  • Putting Edge
  • Pump It Up
  • Grady’s Family Fun Park
  • Haunted Trails
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • Santa’s Village Amusement & Water Park
  • Skokie Water Park
  • Nile Park District Oasis Water Park
  • Pirates Cove Theme Park

There are other small amusement and water parks in the region as well. This list doesn’t even include trampoline parks and indoor skydiving.

What Kinds of Injuries Happen at Amusement Parks?

Amusement park accidents can result in almost every injury imaginable, depending on the type of accident. Catastrophic injuries are probable, given the force and impact of such accidents.

The following injuries may occur at amusement parks: 

Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers has decades of experience in personal injury law and has handled claims involving the most complex injuries. We can help you stand up to the amusement park and get the compensation you deserve after your accident.

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What Types of Damages Can I Recover After a Chicago Theme Park Accident?

Accident Victims in Illinois are typically entitled to two main forms of damages after a theme park injury. Economic damages cover financial losses. Non-economic damages cover personal and emotional losses.

Economic damages include compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages from work
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Physical therapy/rehabilitation
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Non-economic damages seek to provide money for:

Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers can help you track all the damages you’ve experienced after your accident. We can help you calculate the value of your losses and even bring in experts in finance and medicine to help us understand what costs you might endure in the future. Contact our law office today to schedule a free initial case consultation.

What If I’m Being Blamed For My Amusement Park Injuries?

 It’s not uncommon for guests to share some level of fault for their park accident. However, you won’t be barred from recovering compensation if you share partial blame for your injuries. 

Illinois utilizes modified comparative fault rules in cases where there is more than one blameworthy party in an accident. Under these rules, you can recover compensation so long as you were not mostly at fault (51% or more). If you are less than 51% at fault, your damages will be reduced to account for your percentage of the blame. 

For example, suppose you suffered $100,000 in damages after your theme park accident, but a court or jury determined you were 10% responsible for the accident. In this case, you would only be able to recover $90,000 (90%). 

Our amusement park accident attorneys in Chicago can help protect you from allegations of comparative fault and work to get you full compensation after your injury.

How Do I Prove the Amusement Park Was Negligent? 

There are many different types of accidents that can cause injuries at amusement parks. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Ride-related injuries – These injuries may be the result of improper ride maintenance, defective ride parks, or design flaws. 
  • Slip and fall accidentsSlick surfaces, loose flooring, and other hazards can cause slips, trips, and falls at amusement parks. 
  • Negligent SecurityAmusement parks are supposed to have adequate security (including security staff and cameras) to ensure guests are safe from physical assault and other criminal conduct.

These accidents have one thing in common: negligence on the part of the amusement park. 

The Elements of Negligence 

Most amusement park injury claims are based on negligence. Negligence requires proof of four elements:

  • Duty – You must show the amusement park owed you a duty of care. As a business, theme parks have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for guests.
  • BreachYou must prove the amusement park violated its duty.
  • CausationYou must establish that the breach caused your accident.
  • Damages – You will have to show that your injuries resulted in financial damages.

Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers has extensive experience handling negligence claims. We’ve recovered tens of millions for injured clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help you have a successful negligence claim.

How Long Do I Have to File a Theme Park Injury Claim?

You won’t have unlimited time to file an injury claim against an amusement park. In most personal injury cases, you will only have two years to initiate your claim. The clock typically starts ticking on the date of the accident.

If you fail to file your lawsuit by the statute of limitations, you will be barred from recovering compensation. 

You may have more or less time to file your claim, depending on the circumstances. Get in touch with our experienced legal team at Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers for help understanding the deadlines in your case.

Contact Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers for Help Recovering Compensation After Your Amusement Park Accident

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