Illinois Child Car Seat Laws

Child car seats work. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, car seats reduce your child’s risk of injury in a car accident by up to 82%. Booster seats are also effective in reducing the risk of serious injury in grade-school-age children by up to 45%.

Illinois requires drivers to put all children under 8 in car seats. Illinois child car seat laws provide specific guidance about the type of car seat required at each age, height, and weight. It also identifies the impact on liability for refusal to use child car seats.

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How Many Car Accidents Involve Child Passengers In Chicago, IL?

Chicago does not release statistics about the ages of car accident victims. But the Illinois Department of Transportation includes statewide statistics in its annual Crash Facts report.

The Illinois child car seat law covers children under the age of 8. But the Crash Facts report provides accident victim age groups of 0–4 years and 5–9 years. These groups do not precisely overlay the group covered by the child car seat law.

In the 2021 Crash Facts report, Illinois reported 2,854 children under the age of 10 who were injured or killed in a car accident that year.

Of these:

  • 16 suffered a fatal injury
  • 176 suffered an “A” injury that incapacitated the child and required an ambulance
  • 2,662 suffered a “B” or “C” injury that left a visible wound or produced symptoms but did not incapacitate the child

According to the 2021 statistics, children under 10 years old made up about 3.6% of all injured car accident victims in the state.

Illinois Child Car Seat Law Requirements

Child car seat laws exist in every state and Washington, D.C. Some states have broad laws that allow the driver to decide which child restraint to use. Other states specify a child restraint based on the child’s age, height, or weight.

Illinois falls into the latter category. The state’s child car seat law specifies:

  • All children under 8 must ride in a child restraint system
  • Children under 2 must ride in a rear-facing child car seat unless they weigh more than 40 pounds or are taller than 40 inches
  • Children ages 2–8 must ride in a front-facing child car seat or booster seat

Once a child reaches age 8, the Illinois child car seat law no longer applies. But the state’s seat belt law takes over. Children over 8 can ride without using a booster or car seat but must wear a seat belt, like all drivers and passengers in the state.

Consequences When You Fail to Use a Child Car Seat in Chicago, Illinois

When a driver fails to put a child in a child car seat, they may face numerous consequences, including these:

Traffic Citation

If you receive a citation for violating the child car seat law, you will pay a fine of $75 for the first offense. A judge can reduce the fine if you prove that you obtained an approved child car seat and completed an instructional course in its installation. You will pay a $200 fine for a second or subsequent violation, and a judge cannot reduce the fine.

Death in a Car Crash

In 2021, ten children died in car crashes. Of these, three were riding in properly installed booster or child car seats.

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