Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

If you were injured in a car accident in Chicago, Illinois, you might be wondering who will pay your medical bills. It can be distressing to have medical expenses piling up, especially if someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. 

Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers helps accident victims recover compensation for their medical expenses and other damages following a car accident in Chicago, IL. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can work tirelessly to pursue the compensation you deserve. 

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How Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident

How Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident

Our Chicago car accident lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience and have secured tens of millions of dollars for our clients. 

We can help with your car accident injury claim by:

  • Helping to coordinate medical care
  • Talking with your medical providers to understand how the injuries have affected you 
  • Working with experts when necessary
  • Answering questions you have about personal injury laws and the claims process
  • Explaining your options for covering medical bills and other expenses while your claim is pending
  • Reviewing all insurance policies that apply to your case
  • Investigating the accident to determine who is responsible for your medical costs and other damages
  • Negotiating for fair compensation on your behalf 

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Common Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents in Chicago, Illinois

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries, including the following:

The injuries you suffer can depend on various factors, such as the following:

  • The direction of the vehicles at the point of impact
  • The speed the vehicles were traveling before the impact
  • The vehicles involved in the crash
  • The safety features in the vehicle
  • Your position in the vehicle
  • Your age and pre-existing medical conditions

You may require significant and ongoing medical treatments, including surgery, physical therapy, and pain management. An experienced car accident lawyer in Chicago can fight for the compensation you need to pay for these necessary expenses. 

Medical Expenses You Might Incur After a Car Accident in Chicago, IL

The injuries resulting from car crashes may involve many medical expenses, including the following:

  • Emergency transportation and treatment
  • Hospital stays
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Medication and medical devices
  • Specialist visits
  • Surgeries
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Immobilization 
  • Chiropractic care

In addition to the expenses you have already incurred, you may require additional medical treatments in the following months and years. Your claim for damages can include the costs you plan to incur in the future. 

Options For Paying For Medical Bills After a Car Accident in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago car accident victims reasonably believe that the party responsible for their medical expenses should pay them. However, in most cases, you will need to initially pay these expenses until you can recover compensation from the at-fault party. 

You may have various options available to help pay medical bills after a car accident. Depending on the circumstances, these may include:

Med Pay 

Med Pay is an optional form of insurance coverage in Illinois. If you have it, this insurance is included in your auto insurance policy. Med Pay covers medical expenses regardless of fault. 

Health Insurance 

You may initially file a claim with your own health insurance provider until you are reimbursed by the at-fault party. However, your health insurance company may have the right to place a lien on your personal injury award for the payments they made on your behalf while your case was pending. Your car accident lawyer can work to minimize and remove such liens.

Other Insurance 

You may have other insurance, such as a short-term disability insurance policy through your employer or private pay. This insurance may help pay for your accident-related medical expenses. 

Car Accident Claim 

You may decide to file a car accident claim against the party responsible for your injuries. Your lawyer can handle communication with the other driver’s insurance company and negotiate for fair compensation on your behalf. This compensation may pay for medical expenses and other damages. 

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are unable to resolve your case through an insurance claim, you may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. 

In addition to money to pay for your medical expenses, you may be able to obtain compensation for the following:

An experienced car accident attorney in Chicago can help you determine which type(s) of claims you can file after reviewing your circumstances. 

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If you were injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you likely have many questions, like “Who will pay my medical bills after a car accident?” The knowledgeable Chicago personal injury lawyers at Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers can answer all of your questions during a free case review. Call us today to get started. 

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