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Illinois does not report car accidents that happen on private property. As a result, the state’s statistics do not include the overall number of collisions that happen in parking lots, garages, and private driveways. But the National Safety Council reports that, across the nation, tens of thousands of crashes happen in parking lots and garages every year.

The same laws govern these crashes as those that occur on public roads. Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers can help you prove liability and secure compensation after a crash in a parking lot or garage. Contact us today in Chicago, IL, to set up a free case review. Call us at (312) 929-2884.

How Attorneys Of Chicago Can Help After a Parking Lot Accident in Chicago, IL

How Attorneys Of Chicago Can Help After a Parking Lot Accident in Chicago, IL

Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers was founded in 2011 to represent accident victims and other victims of traumatic incidents in Chicago, Illinois.

Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined legal experience fighting insurers and at-fault parties for fair injury compensation. To date, we’ve obtained tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

After you get injured, our Chicago car accident lawyers provide the following:

  • A review of your accident and legal advice about your right to compensation
  • Compassionate and dedicated lawyers to negotiate a fair settlement of your claim
  • Aggressive litigators who take your case to court if the insurer fails to settle

A car accident injury can leave you with mountains of medical bills and no way to pay them. Contact Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your parking lot crash and the injury compensation you can seek under Illinois law.

How Dangerous Are Parking Lots?

Parking lots are less dangerous than roads and highways. Accident statistics show Chicago had a staggering 97,000 car accidents in 2022. The majority of these crashes occurred on roads classified as rural, although they fell within city limits.

Tens of thousands of crashes, though, also happened on interstate highways, including the I-90, and local roads and streets. Fewer crashes occurred on major arterials, but the ones that did caused more fatalities.

By contrast, tens of thousands of parking lot crashes happen in the whole country. Even if you assume that most occur in major cities like Chicago, it would still only make up a fraction of the total. Other large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York City, and Houston would have their fair share of these crashes as well.

But parking lots are not safe simply because they see fewer accidents than roads and highways. Accidents can and do occur in these areas on a daily basis.

How Parking Lot Accident Lawyers Prove Cases

Our parking lot accident lawyers have several options for seeking compensation for you, depending on the nature and cause of your parking lot crash. Some factors that could affect your injury claim include the following:

How the Crash Happened

Parking lot crashes can take many forms. The nature of the crash determines who may bear the liability for any resulting injuries. Some examples include:

Some common scenarios for parking lot and garage collisions include:

  • Reversing without looking
  • Wrong-way driving
  • Cutting across parking space lines
  • Turning blind corners

To prove crash liability, your lawyer must prove that the other driver either negligently or intentionally collided with you. Most car accidents result from negligence. To prove your case, you must show:

Every driver has a duty to operate their vehicle with reasonable care. When someone drives carelessly, they bear the liability for any injuries that behavior causes.

Conditions Contributing to the Crash

More than one party can contribute to the cause of a crash. Under a doctrine within state law called comparative negligence, an accident victim who partially contributes to their injuries will lose a proportionate share of their damages. Per Illinois law, you also cannot recover compensation if you were 51% or more to blame for your crash.

Suppose, for instance, that your crash happened when someone reversed into your vehicle. But if you saw them reversing and sped up to try to get past them, a jury might assign a share of the blame to you. If they assign you 18% of the blame, you can only get 82% of your damages. An attorney can work to minimize the amount of fault assessed to you.

Another common scenario is when the owner or operator of the parking facility negligently manages it. Some common environmental factors that might shift some share of the blame to the parking lot owner or operator include the following:

  • Potholes
  • Poor lighting
  • Icy surfaces
  • Standing water
  • Corners with no mirrors

You must also prove negligence in a premises liability claim against the parking lot manager. To do so, you need to show that the responsible party failed to exercise reasonable care in finding and fixing hazardous conditions. In many situations, this means proving that the owner or operator knew or should have known of the hazard but failed to do anything about it.

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