Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Chicago

Chicago is the third-most populous city in the U.S. Its 2.7 million residents have over 1.1 million cars and 20,000 motorcycles. Add in over 84,000 semi-trucks and delivery trucks, plus 1,800 CTA buses, and you have hectic roads.

Traffic congestion often plays a role in creating car accident hotspots. These clusters of traffic crashes tell drivers where to exercise caution or even avoid traveling. They also tell traffic engineers where they need to improve road infrastructure to make driving, walking, and bicycling safer.

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How Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Chicago, IL

How Attorneys of Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Car Accident in Chicago, IL

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What Causes Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Chicago, IL?

Chicago provides car crash data in the city’s data portal. Based on this data, Chicago had 99,791 auto accidents in 2022. Over 16,000 of these crashes caused at least one fatal or non-fatal injury.

According to accident statistics, these crashes happened all across the city. But several roads and intersections saw multiple accidents in 2022. 

These hotspots can develop due to:

  • Poor road design
  • A lack of traffic control signs or signals
  • Traffic congestion
  • Speed limits set too high for traffic and road conditions
  • Dangerous pedestrian crossings
  • Avoidable driver behaviors, like tailgating on interstate freeways

The phenomenon of crash clusters is not unique to Chicago. Traffic experts use traffic accident hotspots for transportation planning and management.

Where Are The Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections In Chicago, Illinois?

Chicago’s traffic data portal shows that roughly 52% of the city’s crashes happen at intersections, and 48% happen on roadways between intersections.

Chicago’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Intersection crashes usually result from:

  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Running traffic lights or stop signs
  • Turning left before traffic has cleared
  • Turning right into the path of an oncoming vehicle

Intersection crashes cause serious injuries because of the direction of the vehicles when they collide. Intersection crashes often cause side-impact (T-bone) collisions or angle collisions.

Angle crashes can result in severe injuries because the vehicles travel toward each other before colliding. Side-impact crashes can injure or kill vehicle occupants when one car hits the other car’s door.

Dangerous intersections in Chicago include:

Monroe Dr. and Lake Shore Dr.

This area sees heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic from tourists and locals. In this area, Lake Shore Dr. has five southbound lanes and four northbound lanes and still gets jammed with cars during rush hour. This intersection is one of the city’s most dangerous, with 22 accidents in 2022.

Columbus Dr. and Wacker Dr.

This intersection sits at the foot of the bridge where Columbus Dr. crosses the Chicago River. It is one of the city’s most congested intersections and also one of its most dangerous, with 13 crashes in 2022. It was also the city’s deadliest, as the only intersection with multiple fatal crashes that year.

Diversey Ave., Elston Ave., and Western Ave.

This confusing six-way intersection had six crashes in 2022.

Chicago’s Most Dangerous Roads

Roadway crashes away from intersections happen due to:

Roadway crashes usually cause injuries rather than fatalities. Rear-end crashes can cause serious injuries like whiplash, concussions, and sprained joints, while sideswipe collisions often cause only property damage.

The exception to this tendency occurs when a vehicle hits a pedestrian. Crossing at a mid-road crosswalk is dangerous because many drivers fail to yield to pedestrians. Jaywalking is even more dangerous because drivers may not have time to spot jaywalking pedestrians before hitting them.

Some of the most dangerous roads in Chicago include:

  • Wacker Dr., between Columbus Dr. and Michigan Ave.
  • Roosevelt Rd., between Lake Shore Dr. and State St.
  • Western Ave.
  • Fullerton Ave.
  • Kostner Ave., between 5th Ave. and Madison St.

All of these roads had multiple crashes in 2022. Wacker Dr. was the city’s deadliest, with two fatal accidents that year.

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